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Superflow Roof Vents
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Good roof vetilation is the secret to energy efficency. Superflow vents keep your roof space cooler saving you on energy costs. Backed by a 15 year warrenty these Australian made vents will improve the comfort in your home without adding to your energy bill. Available in a range of colours these vents can be installed on most roof types.

Roof Access Ladders
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A perfect solution for easy acccess to your roof space. Our ladders are constructed from welded aluminium and are strong and durable. They are sealed for dust and draughts and are mounted in a way that provides safe footing. All models feature concealed hinges and are fully adjustable. Our experienced installers are quickly able to tell you where you could install an access ladder in your home.

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The Control-A-Lite is an award winning product that when incorporated into a skylight provides total control. The unique louver system is mounted beneath the acrylic dome and has both manual and electric operation options. Available in most standard sizes, this product provides total control over your natural light levels.


Skylight flexi
Our range of Hatchways are manufactured to suit most roof types. This product provides for easy entry onto roof tops. You can select from either a domed acrylic or metald lid and the Hatchway can be colour matched to most Colourbond colours. Hatchways are available in a large range of sizes, they are 100% weather proof and are of a sturdy construction.


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